Samsung UN46C8000 46-Inch 1080p 3D 240 Hz LED HDTV

Flexibility and exclusivity is probably the right word to describe the Samsung UN46C8000 when you see it at first sight. Did not miss if you are asking such an opinion because it is in reality television has a number of advantages which reflects the exclusivity and flexibility. On the design surface, you will be assessed more in the some things such as: Ultra Slim 1.1 inch depth design which you can place it anywhere without spending a lot of space, the swivel stand that makes it easy to view from various angles, and Brushed Titanium Finish which adds elegance of style.


3D will provide an amazing experience of watching television has ever seen. Image as if it would jump out when you see almost the entire show or movie with the entire genre in a more tangible. This makes you as a part of the film and show you are watching. 3D technology is more complete with Blu-ray facilities and special 3D glasses that make things more real and you can enjoy it more.

Full HD 1080p and 240 Hz Clear Motion Rate

3D into something more special with the technology Full HD 1080p and 240 Hz Clear Motion Rate. Full HD 1080p working to produce vivid colors, strong image quality, and clarity in high levels. While 240 Hz Clear Motion specifically provides accurate clarity in fast-moving show, so you do not miss important moments which waited as printing sports scores and quick scene in the movie action. You can imagine how great the picture is presented when both are combined with a well on a television like the Samsung UN46C8000.

The Smart TV Ever

Like a smart mobile phone that has a lot of choice and quality of applications, samsung television also has the ability to get digital content such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Amazon Instant Video, even doing Skype and various virtual world activities you can enjoy with the very freely and high quality.

ConnectShare Movie

This facilitates you to connect the TV with a digital camera or thumb drive with greater ease and faster. User-friendly interface allows access to videos, music playlists and pictures via remote. Just a bit touch and everything is under your settings.

Game Mode

There are some differences to note between regular televisions arrangements with television settings for games, they are: enhance dark areas, sharpens the picture, speed up image processing response and enhance the sound of the game. Here, with the game mode settings, the sound and picture quality with the right portion is realized very well.

Pin-Point Dimming

Another innovation found on this television is the Pin-Point Dimming that will deliver which dynamic contrast coloring and rich, vibrant colors. You will notice whiter whites and deeper blacks, minus the “halo” effect, which occurs when light is spread in such a way as to distort the image. In addition, energy use is also reduced, which automatically affects the decrease in payment of electricity bills.

Excellent energy efficiency

Another advantage is the efficiency of energy because in addition to mercury-free and free of toxins and even up to 50% more efficient than current Energy Star standard specification.

Overall, there is nothing to worry about with this television because you will get full benefits only, without any feature that lets you down.

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